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あさりの志ぐれ煮 | 総本家新之助貝新

About Shigureni


Japanese food culture created in Kuwana brings a special moment to your daily table.

​At Shinnosuke Kaishin, raw clams are individually peeled, rinsed well in water to remove sand, then boiled in hot water and placed in a large pot of tamari soy sauce.
By simmering the hamaguri in tamari shoyu in a "floating simmer," in which the hamaguri float in a generous amount of tamari shoyu, they become plump and fluffy. Then, ginger is added to flavor the dish.
This process has remained unchanged since the establishment of the company, and each product is carefully worked on one by one.​

あさりの志ぐれ煮 | 総本家新之助貝新

The bounty of the sea is carefully boiled in hot water.

SHIGURE is shellfish boiled with soy sauce.

Traditional manufacturing method unchanged for 400 years

あさりの志ぐれ煮 | 総本家新之助貝新

SHIGURE is made by the traditional method.

あさりの志ぐれ煮 | 総本家新之助貝新

Simmer for about 30 minutes and finish.

SHIGURE is boiled in 30 minutes

All processes are done by hand by craftsmen.


All processes are manual.

志ぐれのお茶漬け | 総本家新之助貝新

And then we bring Shigureni to the world.

SHIGURE to the world

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