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志ぐれゆずとあさり | 総本家新之助貝新




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New shop opening. For more information, click here.


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Shinnosuke Kaishin's "SHIGURE clams" was introduced in the magazine "Yahoo CREATORS".

あさりの志ぐれ煮 | 総本家新之助貝新

In Kuwana, we have developed Japanese food culture that offers a wide range of cuisines

Your Daily Table Can Be a Special Place for a Special Moment

Founded during the early Edo era.

We have been brewing and stewing Kuwana-juku's famous "Hamaguri" (clams) for over 400 years.

Kiso's three rivers cultivate the richness of the sea and mountains of Ise.

Using a secret tamari soy sauce recipe, ingredients from nature are stewed.

This is done by hand, of course.



Each day at your dinner table, SHIGURE from Shinnosuke Kaishin will provide a special moment.

About Sohonke Shinnosuke Kaishin

Who is Shinnosuke Kaishin

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What is Shigure?


SHIGURE means "will" that has been passed down from generation to generation.

At Shinnosuke Kaishin, we call our SHIGURE-ni

SHIGURE was born from "mottainai" (what a waste).

There was a time when clam shells were used as medicine chests, but the contents were thrown away.

It would be a waste to throw away this precious resource nurtured by nature!

As a result, it was made into a nutritious fish dish called "SHIGURE" (boiled and seasoned).

Travelers used it as a hospitality gift and to offer to the Imperial Shogun.


From the city of Kuwana, we want to encourage the world to enjoy comforting Japanese cuisine.

We wish to aim for a better society while preserving natural resources.


We make SHIGURE with that "aspiration".

​志ぐれ ゆずとあさり ​オリーブオイル漬け | 総本家新之助貝新

SHIGURE Yuzu and Asari clams Olive oil marinated

The tradition of making tamari soy sauce dates back to the Edo Period.
"Shigure Asari"  are stewed in olive oil with this soy sauce using the traditional method of "floating stewing".Asari clams and tamari soy sauce combine with the refreshing aroma of yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit) to create a new taste unlike anything you've ever had. 
This is an entirely new taste.
We recommend it as a topping for salads, porridge, tofu, etc.
The snack can also be enjoyed on its own or as a snack.

marinated in olive oil

SHIGURE pieckled in Olive Oil

spicy miso

SHIGURE Spicy Miso with Asari clams

The tradition of Tamari soy sauce dates back to the Edo Era.
We combine "Shigure Asari" (clams) simmered using the traditional method of "Ukikashi-ni" with miso paste using this soy sauce. Asari, soy sauce, and chili pepper flavors can be tasted as well as shigure's richness and flavor. We -Shinnosuke Kaishin. recommend this addictive spicy miso.
Salads, rice porridge, tofu, and many other dishes can be seasoned with it, such as stir-fried, grilled, and nabe dishes.
You can also serve it as a snack with beer and other alcoholic drinks.

志ぐれ 辛味噌 | 総本家新之助貝新

SHIGURE spicy Miso

志ぐれ 刻みしょうが | 総本家新之助貝新
Chopped ginger

This versatile seasoning can be used on everything from grilled ginger to bonito strips to cold tofu and stir-fries.

志ぐれ ちりめん山椒 | 総本家新之助貝新
Dried young sardines

This is a standard item at Shinnosuke Kaishin. Served with freshly cooked rice or as a luxury snack, it keeps the tradition of Japanese cuisine alive.

志ぐれ 焼き海苔 | 総本家新之助貝新 03 大.jpeg
Baked laver

Enjoy the 400-year tradition of Shinnosuke Kaishin with this grilled laver Shigure.

志ぐれ 手むきあさり | 総本家新之助貝新
Hand-pulled clams

"SHIGURE clams" is Shinnosuke Kaishin's most popular product. Temuki Asari is the most luxurious type of asari.

志ぐれ くるみしらす | 総本家新之助貝新
Walnuts and Shirasu

The traditional dish is made of walnuts and shirasu, which has been enjoyed in the Seto Inland Sea area for centuries.

志ぐれ ちりめん山椒 | 総本家新之助貝新
Chirimen Sansho

Chirimen-jako, gently seasoned by craftsmen, is a standard item at Shinnosuke Kaishin.

42CFBC37-F80D-47ED-BCF3-418810DAD101 大.jpeg

How to enjoy Shigure

How to enjoy SHIGURE

A new way to enjoy SHIGURE as "Sake Tomo (friend)"

Served with rice or as Chazuke (rice with tea).

As well as Shigure's traditional enjoyment, Shinnosuke Kaishin offers a modern twist, "Sake Tomo".

For "a special moment at the table every day," we create new recipes with unprecedented ideas and the proven techniques of a long-established restaurant.

The wine is ideal for parties, barbecues, and as a souvenir, among other things, not to mention for yourself.

A perfect gift, of course.

Bringing 400 years of future to this beautiful Kuwana and the Earth


The SHIGURE recipe was invented in the Edo period to preserve surplus ingredients and make them tasty.
Over 400 years ago, Shigure-ni set out to create an environment-friendly society and eliminate waste. This aspiration inspires us to fulfill our duty as a society to be sustainable.

We offer weigh-in quantities in all of our stores to reduce the use of plastic for product packaging and to help reduce food loss.

Our products are shipped overseas using available air cargo space. We are implementing CO2 emissions-reducing shipping methods with Japan Post's cooperation.

Responsibility to a sustainable society

Our responsibility

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