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How to enjoy Shigure

How to enjoy SHIGURE

A New Way to Enjoy Shigure
"Sake Tomo" Recipes

Enjoy it with white rice or as chazuke (rice with green tea).

In addition to such enjoyment, Shinnosuke Kaishin proposes a new way to enjoy Shigure in accordance with the times.

As a treat for yourself at home. We introduce recipes that go especially well with sake as "Sake Tomo".
You can also enjoy it as a surprise ingredient at a home party or BBQ for everyone to enjoy together.

志ぐれ 生姜 とマスカルポーネのカナッペ

Shigure ginger and mascarpone canapes

SHIGURE ginger and mascarpone canapes


French bread - about 4 slices, pre-sliced
Miso paste - as needed
Mascarpone - 50g (about 1/2 of the commercially available size)
Chopped ginger - 2 tablespoons
Pepper - to taste
Chopped green onion, etc. - to taste

​How to cook

1) Mix mascarpone cheese and chopped ginger to make a sauce (amount of chopped ginger is optional)

2) Lightly toast thinly sliced French bread.

3) Spread a thin layer of miso paste. (Alternatively, you can also use grilled nori seaweed.)

4) Spread the mascarpone sauce mixed in (1) above.

5) Top with pepper, scallions, etc. as desired.

Shigure Yuzu and clam scrambled eggs

志ぐれ ゆずとあさりのスクランブルエッグ

SHIGURE Yuzu and clams scrambled eggs

Food stuff

Eggs - 2 eggs
1 or 2 tablespoons olive oil
Sugar - 1/2 teaspoon
Pepper - to taste
Threaded red pepper - to taste
Oil - to taste

How to cook

1) Add the beaten eggs, olive oil and sugar and mix well.

2)The olive oil pickles have a salty taste, so adjust to your taste.

3)Add the beaten egg mixture to a pan with hot oil and stir well.

Arrange on a plate and garnish with pepper and chili peppers.

志ぐれ ゆずとあさりのポテトサラダ

Shigure Yuzu and clam potato salad

SHIGURE Yuzu and clams potato salad

Food stuff

Potatoes - 2

Shigure Yuzu and scallion - 2 tablespoons

Mayonnaise - 2 tablespoons (Adjust the amount of shigure and mayonnaise to your taste.)

Salt - to taste

Sugar - 1/2 teaspoon

Pepper - to taste

How to cook

1) Cook potatoes with skin on and peel when soft.

2)Add mayonnaise and olive oil in a bowl, season with salt and sugar, and sprinkle with pepper.

(The olive oil has a salty taste, so adjust to your taste.)

Shigure spicy miso grilled rice balls

志ぐれ 辛味噌の焼きおにぎり

SHIGURE Spicy Miso Grilled Rice Balls

Food stuff

Cooked rice - 1 cup

1 teaspoon spicy miso paste (adjust the amount as it has a slightly spicy taste)

Soy sauce - a little bit It is also delicious mixed with small green onions, etc.

How to cook

1) Add spicy miso to cooked rice, mix well and make onigiri.

2) Put the rice balls on the pan and heat. 3) Finish with a little bit of soy sauce and serve.

It is also delicious as fried rice with an egg added.

It is also delicious with butter instead of soy sauce.

志ぐれ 辛味噌のきゅうり

Shigure spicy miso cucumber

SHIGURE spicy miso cucumber

Food stuff

2 cucumbers

1 tablespoon spicy miso

How to cook

1) Cut cucumbers into pieces.

2) Mix the chopped cucumbers with miso paste and let it sit for a while to blend.

(It can be served with daikon radish, cabbage, or any other vegetables that are in season.)

Shigure Chopped ginger honey drink

志ぐれ 刻みしょうがの蜂蜜ドリンク

Honey drink with SHIGURE Chopped ginger

Food stuff

Shigure, chopped ginger - 1 tablespoon

2 tablespoons honey

Water - about 180ml

Adjust sweetness and amount of ginger to taste.

How to cook

Simply prepare the ingredients in a cup and mix.

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